For nature lovers and wanderers,
the ones who believe there’s a little magic hidden in plain sight,
a little truth in every tale and who can find beauty in the little things.

Lisica & Volk (in Slovenian meaning Fox & Wolf) creates charming products inspired by the beauty of nature and the treasure of Slovenian tales and folklore. Illustrated motifs from nature find their place on wooden jewellery, t-shirts and bags from recycled cotton.

The inspiration behind animal and plant designs is Slovenian indigenous flora and fauna.
Traditional Slovenian folk motifs and symbolism are also embedded in modern pieces of wooden jewellery.

Every product is created with love, attention to detail, with natural materials and care for our environment in mind.

Striving toward a greener future our product are made from quality materials which last longer and packaged without plastic.

Lisica & Volk

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